seed picker

a glutenfree bread with alot of protein and omega3

for 1 bread

130 g sunflower seeds

90 g gold-flaxseeds

80 g minced almonds and pecans

(or other nuts)

80 g hemp nuts

3 table spoons crushed flaxseed

3 table spoons psyllium husk

1 tea spoon salt

3 table spoons coconut oil

1 teaspoon apple vinegar

400 ml hot water

add all dry ingredients in a bowl and mix them. then add the coconut oil and the apple vinegar with the hot water so the oil gets liquid. mix all the ingredients and leave the dough during 2 hours. preheat the ofen on 180°c. grease a loaf form and put the dough in it. shift it in the ofen and bake the bread during 60 minutes. take it out of the ofen and let it cool down thoroughly.