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the taste of this delicious dish reminds me of various visits to italy.

for 4

a baking form

1 kilo of eggplants

1 onion

3-4 garlic cloves

olive oil

3 cans of sliced tomatoes

1 tablespoon of aceto di balsamico


80 gr cashew nuts

2 tablespoons of yeast flakes

salt & pepper

wash and cut the eggplants in 1 cm slices. put salt on the slices and leave them for about 15 minutes until the eggplants start watering. use kitchen paper to remove the salt and water and coat the slices on both sides with olive oil. put the slices on a baking tray which you have prepared with baking paper and shift it in the 200°c preheated ofen. repeat this procedure with the rest of the eggplants.

chop the onion and the garlic cloves and caramalize them in olive oil. add the canned tomatoes, aceto balsamico, salt & pepper and let it simmer during 20-30 minutes until the sauce has thickened. in the meantime prepare the vegan parmesan. cut the yeast flakes and the cashew nuts in your food processor quickly (not to long, otherwise the oil of the cashew nuts runs out and the parmesan is no longer dry). store the parmesan temporarly in the fridge.

make layers of the tomato sauce, the eggplants, the basil and the vegan parmesan in the baking form. finish with parmesan and put it in the middle of the ofen during 45 minutes. take the parmigina out of the oven and leave it during 10 minutes before serving.

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